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Wonderstruck is Brian Sleznick’s new novel in words and pictures as it follows the journeys of two young children trying to find their place and reason in the world. One story, told through beautiful black and white images, takes place in 1927 and is about a young deaf girl, Rose. Isolated in her home with an uncaring father and a stage screen mother who has no thought or feeling for her, Rose runs away in search of her brother in New York City. The other story takes place in 1977 and is about Ben, a 12 year old boy. Deaf in one ear, he lives with his cousins after his mother dies in an accident. Having never known his father, the secret of who and where he is begs to be revealed when Ben finds himself rendered completely deaf after a thunderstorm. He runs away to New York City to search for his father with only a locket, bookmark, and a book called “Wonderstruck" left by his mother as clues. Ben’s search leads him to the American Museum of Natural History where another young boy, Jamie, whose father works in the museum, discovers Ben confused and lost. He gives him a place to hide in a storage room where more wonderful discoveries await him. Plan to be amazed and gratified as we make this journey of self-discovery with both Rose and Ben. As the two stories finally intersect and lives are made whole, we celebrate fate bringing the two stories to a satisfying resolution.


Rose at home with her movie star photos and sculptures of the city.


Rose in the museum. She looks so small.


View this virtual tour of the American Museum of Natural History with the creator of Wonderstruck- Brian Selznick

Learn to fingerspell.
Fingerspelling is a method of communication for people who are hearing impaired like Rose and Ben.


Print out the ASL Alphabet for your own use.


Play ASL American Sign Language games


What is Ahnighito?
The Ahnighito (Ah-na-HEET-o) meteorite
"the Tent"

Ahnighito was part of a larger meteor called Cape York, believed to have been about 200 tons in size. (Six times the size of Ahnighito alone.) The meteor broke up in the earth's atmosphere, and at least seven meteorites landed. The three most famous were found within four miles of another: Ahnighito, the Woman, and the Dog. Three other fragments were found in other parts of Greenland and the final fragrant was found in Canada.

Peary & Henson recovered the world's largest meteorites.
(Be sure to check out one of the ECDC library's great biographies on the life of Matthew Henson)
Three large masses, weighing respectively 34 tons, 3 tons and 1100 lbs, and named "The Tent" or Ahnighito, "The Woman" and "The Dog" were found in Western Greenland in the 1800's by arctic explorer Robert E. Peary and later transported to New York. Several more large masses have since been found and recovered from the strewnfield, including the 15 ton discovery of Agpalilik in the 1960's—this is thought to be the legendary "Man" and fourth member of the Cape York family.


Loading the Cape York Ahnighito meteorite

In 1897 the loading work was completed and the Ahnighito meteorite embarked on board the Hope in its journey to New York - all Peary's recoveries were eventually sold to the American Museum of Natural History for $40,000


This picture is so awesome.

Want to learn more about the great meteor Ahnighito?

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bluebonnet_clipart.gifBluebonnet Projects and Activities:

Create a diorama of the wolves of Gunflint Lake or of any setting in the story-a mini museum.
Web sites featuring dioramas:Enchanted Learning Craftster HowCast

Build a "Cabinet of Wonders" and add your own collection of shells, rocks, stamps, buttons, etc. Demonstrate how your cabinet works and explain why you began your collection. What is a Cabinet of Wonders or Wonder Cabinet?

Teach your family how to finger-spell and make a short video of a finger-spelling demonstration.
Hand positions for finger-spelling
ASL-American Sign Language- Select the word from the list on left and watch the person demonstrate the word using ASL.

ASL Browser-Click on word from list on the ride side of page. Watch the video demonstration.

Create your own short graphic novel


Wolves of Gunflint Lake, Michigan an_wolf17.gif

bluebonnet_clipart.gifBluebonnet literature connections

From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler is one of Ms. Murphy's favorite books. I always thought it would be so cool to live in a museum like the children in this story do.
From the Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E. L. Konigsburg

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