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Beware of the Scarum Fair!
The Hand leads the way in this collection of silly-spooky poems for mid-grade kids, about an amusement park filled with monsters and creeps of all kinds.
Come ride on the Scary-Go-Round!
How about a visit to Dr. Crunch's chiropractic tent?
Eat a bowl of cat hair stew.
Take a nap in the werewolves' den.
It's a thrilling, chilling adventure, and you can go home any time you like.
Or can you?

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Ms. Murphy decided to add a little ambiance to our Scarum Fair lesson so she dressed up as the witch from the poem Cat Hair Stew.
As she stirred, creepy music played in the background.

Introduce Scarum Fair by watching these two poems read aloud by author:
Cat Hair Stew
The Palm Reader



Visit Author's web site: Jessica Swaim- Children's author, poet & dog lover

Write to Jessica Swaim and let her know how much you enjoyed her book:

Click on the dog to see videos of Jessica Swaim's dogs Sprocket and Kiva

Visit Illustrator's web site: Carol Ashley Studio

Download the Scarum Fair Reading Guide


bluebonnet_clipart.gifBLUEBONNET POETRY WORKSHOP:

We have done this a few times and it is always a success at our school.
Fern Poetry.gif
Fern's Poetry Club-Arthur's friend Fern explains all about poetry in kid friendly terms. This is a terrific and very easy way to teach forms of poetry. Combine this with the activity below.
icecream shape poem.jpg

Create your own Shape Poem
A shape poem is a poem that describes an object (ex:tree) and is written in the shape of that object (a tree).
View a collection of shape poems made by students. The Apple-poetry collaboration

Shape Poems PowerPoint by teacher-Ann Conway

Audio Poetry-Listen to poems read aloud and share your thoughts.

Kristine O'Connell George-aka Writer, Poet, and Tadpole Rancher

Visit: Fizzy Funny Fuzzy-Fun Poetry for Kids
You can choose to 'Listen Now', which should open up your mp3 audio player automatically,
or 'Download' if you'd like to save the mp3 file to listen to later.
Interactive Poem Creator-
Learn to write poetry with acrostic, noisy poems, shape poems and rhyming poems.

Learn how to write a Sound Poem

Hold a Poetry Slam and invite families to hear your poems. Make sure students explain what type of poem they are presenting-haiku, ode, shape poem, etc.

bluebonnet_clipart.gifBluebonnet Literature Connections:

Read Dogku by Andrew Clements and teach students how to write their own Haikus.
Each page in the book is made up of a haiku.(This book is available in the ECDC Library 811 Cle)
Great book to introduce the form of poetry called Haiku.
Dogku Powerpoint "Teaching Haiku" created by Annette Lamb

Read Fold Me A Poem by Kristine O"Connell George
Download the Fold Me a Poem Teacher's Guide.
Fold me a poem.jpg

Teachers Guide Fold Me a Poem.pdf
Teachers Guide Fold Me a Poem.pdf
Teachers Guide Fold Me a Poem.pdf
( ECDC library call no. 811 Geo)
This book combines poetry and origami in a colorful picture book format.
My favorite poem in the book is Wind Storm. It evokes such a mental image of the action.

Helpful Poetry resources:

Help a Child Write a Poem resources featuring several well known poets

**Kenn Nesbitt's Online Rhyming Dictionary**
One of the authors of the web site: Giggle Poetry. Students an use this rhyming dictionary to help them create their own poems.

Powerpoint presentations about Poetry

Want to hear and learn more Poetry?
Poetry Links from Fizzy Funny Fuzzy

Bluebonnet Projects:

We read poems from Scarum Fair and Madison M. acted out some of the poems for us. Great job!
Ms. Murphy dressed in costume and played creepy music to set the mood. Students created "Creepy Critters" that might have come to play at Scarum Fair.


Jessica Swaim-Author
Carol Ashley-Illustrator
Ann Conway
Anette Lamb
Clip art licensed from the Clip Art Gallery on
Hello Kids animated carnival clowns
Andrew Clements
Kristine O'Connell George
Giggle Poetry
PBS Kids