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Ruth and The Green Book
Genre: Historical Fiction

(Book description by Calvin Alexander Ramsey and Gwen Strauss)
Ruth was so excited to take a trip in her family's new car! In the early 1950s, few African Americans could afford to buy cars, so this would be an adventure. But she soon found out that black travelers weren't treated very well in some towns. Many hotels and gas stations refused service to black people. Daddy was upset about something called Jim Crow laws...

Finally, a friendly attendant at a gas station showed Ruth's family The Green Book. It listed all of the places that would welcome black travelers. With this guidebook—and the kindness of strangers—Ruth could finally make a safe journey from Chicago to her grandma's house in Alabama.

Ruth's story is fiction, but The Green Book and its role in helping a generation of African American travelers avoid some of the indignities of Jim Crow are historical fact.

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TEKS addressed:

113.16. Grade 5: History. The student understands important issues, events, and individuals in the United States during the 20th and 21st centuries.
113.7 Grade 5:History.The student understands important issues, events, and individuals of the 20th century in the United States.

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3rd graders-Joe B., Joseph R. Milo, and Aurelio created this project. Aurelio also created a mini book with summary.
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