Play, Louis, Play!The true story of a boy and his horn
by Muriel Harris Weinstein
Illustrated by Frank Morrison

The biographical tale of the life of Louis Armstrong, as told by his confidant and companion-his trumpet! His horn narrates Louis' story explaning how he worked very hard to scrape up enough money to buy his first horn, how he became fascinated with Blues and Swing music and eventually Jazz. Louis worked hard to develop his skills and slowly began to earn the respect of fellow musicians who recognized his amazing musical talent. Louis could hear a song played one time and would be able to play it back note for note. This is the beginning tale of the world's greatest trumpet musician.

Listen to the real Louis Armstrong play and sing his music. Understand why he impacted so many people with his great talent.
Watch videos and hear Louis Armstrong interviews and music at Louis Armstrong House Museum

Muriel Harris Weinstein
Frank Morrison
Bloomsbury Publishing
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