What does poor Jack do when he is invited to the Princess’s tenth birthday party, but doesn’t have money
to buy a gift? He uses his wits to create the most beautiful birthday cake! But what happens if on the
way to the palace he encounters blackbirds that eat the topping, a troll that eats the cake, and ends up with
only a strawberry left . . . only to find out the princess is allergic to strawberries? Why, Jack tells the princess the
delicious story of how it all happened! (description from Random House)

Nice Candace Fleming biography

Author web site: Candace Fleming

Illustrator's web site: G. Brian Karas

Educator's Guide- featuring Clever Jack

Teaching with Candace Fleming books: access to teacher's guides

I was hoping to find a really great book trailer to use for Clever Jack so I wrote a letter to the illustrator Brian Karas. He sent this video link to me showing how he created the art work for Neville, a picture book written by Norton Juster. (This video is on YouTube-it will appear as a white space if your school district has YouTube blocked).

bluebonnet_clipart.gif Bluebonnet Projects and Activities:


Ms. Murphy read about the Sugar Art Showcase in the newspaper and a little light bulb went off in her clever kooky brain!
"That's what we need to do for our Clever Jack book Bluebonnet lesson" she exclaimed!

So....Ms. Murphy is coAngry_birds_cake.jpgllaborating with Chef Claudia Hurt and has invited Del Mar College culinary arts students to come speak to ECDC students about careers in the Culinary Arts. This event will take place early in the fall. .........and we shall have our cake and eat it too!

More Bluebonnet Activities:

Learn to sing "If I'd Known You Were Coming, I'd Baked a Cake"

Create a birthday card for the prince or princess in your life
Pop Up Card

Fake Cake Bake Off
Goal: Create a cake with a decorating theme that represents or reflects one of the 2012-2013 Texas Bluebonnet Books.

There will be three categories:
Student Cake Creations
Family Cake Creations
Class Cake Creations

The Rules:
  1. No real food products can be used (we don't need ants in the library or any Maybelle or Martina cock-a-roaches!)
  2. Your cake may be any size you choose.
  3. Your cake may be any shape you choose.
  4. Your cake must have a card, sign, or label with the name/names of the cake chef. (you or your family)
  5. Your cake must be entered before the deadline (TBA)
  6. Rules of good sportsmanship will be expected of all participants.( Be nice, don't criticize).

Suggested websites for Fake Cake Bake Off

Birthday Cake Gift Box

Several ideas with web links

Texas Bluebonnet book activities: A book is always more fun and easier for readers to connect with when fun activities are done along with the reading. Here are a few that all ages will enjoy.

Fun Princess and Castle activities:

Princess word search- Lots of princess-y words to find in this word search puzzle.

Princess Maze - Help the princess find the way through a maze shaped like a head to reach her knight.

Castle Maze -Can you help the knight find his way through the castle to reach the archer?

Castle Dot to Dot just follow the numbers to construct your castle.

Interactive Castle- learning activity that explains about the parts of castle. Very nice resource that also displays real images.

bluebonnet_clipart.gifTexas Bluebonnet book literature connections:

Lesson plans about myths, folktales, and fairy tales

Myths, Folktales, and Fairy tales-lesson plan for grades 4-6 from Scholastic books

Stories, Folklore, and Fairy Tales theme page multiple resources and links

Fairy Tales Websites

Fairy Tale Activities

Bluebonnet Projects created by students:

Clever Josue created a triple layered birthday cake for the princess
with a strawberry on top. He included a beginning, middle,and end of
the story on each layer of the cake.

Clever Jack Josue.jpg

Mercedes worked with her dad to created this tasty looking creation.
She included a colorful summary which hangs below the cake
but is out of the photo.
Clever Jack Mercedes.jpg

4th grader Daniela created this poster showing the forest Jack traveled through to get to the castle.
Her summary is written on the trees in order of beginning, middle, and the end.
Clever Jack Daniela 3rd.jpg

Sixth graders join in to create this huge book project complete with a summary on the back of cake.
They are pretending to eat the cake!
6th graders Eat the Cake.jpg

Thanks for the resources
Candace Fleming
G. Brian Karas
Random House
Del Mar College
Community Audio and artist Eve Young
Clip art licensed from the Clip Art Gallery on DiscoverySchool.com