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Play this fun little dance video by Eiffel 65 to set the alien mood.

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Visit the (alien) author's web site: Clete Barrett Smith
Visit the (alien) illustrator's web site:Christian Slade

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Want to read a sneak peek but all the books are checked out? Click on the little blue alien.
He will take you to his leader.
bluebonnet_clipart.gifBluebonnet Literature Projects and Activitiesalien-1_e0 blue dancer.gif

Create a map of the town and list all the places that would make good tourist spots for the aliens to visit.

Design and create a brochure that shows all the terrific places aliens can visit on the planet Earth. Use My Brochure Maker. (Ms. Murphy has a free educator account).

Visit and explore Nasa Kids' Club

Make an awesome paper mache' alien and Ms. Murphy will give you a UV SPY PEN. (I have 7 spy pens) Images for inspiration

Ms. Murphy, how did you make that alien parking thing-a-jig?
I used a program called Jux
Now you can make a Jux Book to promote one of your favorite Texas Bluebonnet Award nominated books. This will count as one of your Bluebonnet Projects.

Here is an example of a Jux book Ms. Murphy created to promote: Aliens on Vacation. The title is "Aliens are Everywhere!"

Student created projects:

4th grader Alexis created an alien
Aliens sculpture.jpg

Thunderbirds project by 5th graders Raj, Oscar, Julian, and Daylen (will be moved when Thunderbirds page is ready)



Thanks clip art licensed from the Clip Art Gallery on
Clete Barrett Smith
Christian Slade

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